In a video published today on Ravi Zacharias’ YouTube channel, Zacharias and Vince Vitale answer a question, “Is God Okay with People Being Transgendered?” Vitales’s response was, after giving a drawn-out speech confirming his desire to be noncontroversial and inoffensive, at … Check Ravi Zacharias - Topic YouTube statistics and Real-Time subscriber count. He was born and grew up in India, before immigrating with his family to Canada. Ridley Hall is a theological college that is affiliated with, though not a part of, the University of Cambridge. In making his statement to Christianity Today three years ago, he violated the non-disclosure agreement he signed with her. As a result, this post is addressed primarily to Christians who know of these allegations. I’m not really sure what he means with the first part of the quote. Ravi to himself. Nabeel went on to join Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and to write the bestsellers “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” and “No God but One.” Then he went on to be with the Lord. What’s more, he learnt to speak English in a country where it is not the language of instruction. In some of these cases, I think Zacharias is trying to put his qualifications in the most favourable light possible, which is not necessarily dishonest. Let’s evaluate each term in the phrase “professor of Oxford”. Also, the Christian outrage culture is often clearly motivated by feminist ideology, that holds men, but not women, accountable for adultery and unchastity. The case for dishonesty here is very weak. I’m thinking more about the wider Christian community (those, like Acts 29, who rejected and publicly denounced him). Lies, and God’s Great Apologist, Ravi Zacharias, (Book Baby, 2018) P. 9. So when considering whether Wycliffe is part of Oxford University it becomes a bit of a definitional problem, because the University of Oxford as a whole consists of “independent” and “self-governing” Colleges and the University itself is just a federal system of smaller institutions. You probably know the name- one of the world’s leading quantum physicists. Apr 4, 2016 - Official YouTube channel of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). I tell you I’ve read a book and I’m speaking informally in a conversation. Christianity Today and The Christian Post have also reported on Baughman’s claims. So perhaps it is more correct to say you came from the store? We’ve established that he’s speaking loosely and is using various words to refer to a teacher at a post-secondary level. So in almost every place where Wycliffe is mentioned, including Wycliffe’s own website and Oxford’s brief explanation of the college system on their website, the Church of England report, press releases that mention Wycliffe, and the recent student handbooks, it is represented as being part of the University of Oxford. Dan is the former head of Ravi Zacharias ministries for Australia. So there is more than enough doubt here for me to justify giving the benefit of the doubt and to not assume that Zacharias was being dishonest in his claims about his position with Wycliffe. There would be no limit to what we could be blamed for. Without knowing anything about my intentions or motivations, did I lie? I know he hasn’t convinced me. We do not know what people deserve in a moral sense. I have quoted the portion of the letter that is relevant here. You need to have more than a discrepancy in order to prove dishonesty. The Church of England review of Wycliffe Hall ( from May 2015), starts with the following: “Wycliffe Hall(WH) has been a Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford since 1997. It would be easy for anyone to see his PhD, to wonder what his PhD is in and then search it, to find out that he only had honorary doctorates. Saying that Wycliffe Hall is part of the University of Oxford, even in 2014, does not seem unreasonable at all. Auditing course while on leave but claiming you are Cambridge University educated as evidenced in many of his preachings, lectures, talks and publications is certainly not acceptable since this does not reflected the truth at all. ( I hope they are ready for that measure to be applied to them by others). Thanks for joining in and listening + learning with us today. Applying the benefit of the doubt, and not believing someone’s guilty based on suspicions is a good principle to apply in your own relationships. When the word professor is mentioned, 99% of the people would link it to the title which is held by people who worked so hard to earn a Ph.D and spent countless hours doing research and writing. Also, universities do not always follow their own policies. However, on going through this myself, I found that there is a good deal of ambiguity about the nature of Ridley’s relationship to the University of Cambridge. More than 20,000 video Bible studies available for your entire church. The lack of forgiveness in these ppl is astonishing. If the woman commits adultery, God sees and punishes it. As we’ve already covered, the way that he uses “professor”, “lecturer” and “teaching fellow” interchangeably in his speaking shows that he is speaking loosely and does not believe these to be official titles. A sad note for us to end 2020 on. If we were responsible for every single thing our actions caused, every causal train set off by our actions, our responsibility would never end. All of us are shocked, saddened, and angered by the recent bad news ... pertaining to Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray at the University ... - YouTube Both? No, clearly not. ( Log Out /  Also, it seems unreasonable to take him literally here in saying that people from every country in Asia were there. But giving people the benefit of the doubt unless and until it has been well established that they are guilty is a good principle anywhere. Again, the case for dishonesty here is weak. Ravi Zacharias was a good a decent man who has gone home to his reward- “Well don’t they good and faithful servant. The credentials for all the degree programs at Ridley Hall are awarded by the University of Cambridge or the University of Durham. The claim here is that people from all over Asia attended the event, not that the event was officially international in scope. “Do not entertain an accusation against an elder unless it is brought by two or three witnesses.”. Also, it is true that Ridley Hall is affiliated with the University of Cambridge through the Cambridge Theological Federation. No. If you make exceptions for yourself, or your friends, where you have severely condemned others, there is a God who sees you doing this. It is alleged by Baughman that this implies that he is specifically meaning to claim that this is an academic and not an honorary position. It is painful and heartbreaking. I do not find it strange at all that Zacharias would use the word this way, because I often use it that way myself, to refer to any teacher at a university-level. Sign in. Would you say I was being dishonest? But he never does so. That is biblical. See below for a picture of the same section in the 2015/16 handbook: The same is true of all the subsequent student handbooks. Why I Am Not an Atheist Part 2 Ravi Zacharias, . To save you from further humiliation you really should quit. When particular phrases are taken to have particular meanings, this can often be missed. Jan 5, 2021 - Explore Coco's board "Christian videos", followed by 1147 people on Pinterest. Ravi Zacharias Sermons YouTube profile statistics page. Many of the students at Ridley Hall, as is the case with many of the private halls at both Cambridge and Oxford, take course work that is accredited through the University and under university faculty. There are some people who think Zacharias is a scoundrel who will dismiss me as a star-struck fanboy trying to defend his idol. What you wrote is great to provide gratification to anyone who obviously graduated from a tribal university like you did or are intellectually incapable to think or reason. Academic integrity must be honoured and not compromised at all. I am appalled by your fact check skill and common sense. Register to get your user name and password and access personalized areas. That is, you can justify that use, because the words do have that meaning, but it still sounds incorrect to a native English speaker, because it is not the ordinary way or the context for using those words and phrases. It is natural to use short hand references. “I know I’ll see you again and I look forward to that day. Years before that are only available in printed editions in British libraries. I studied under John Polkinhorne at Cambridge University. What if only the final page? In that case you must give the person the benefit of the doubt. The subsequent handbooks only say “there are also six permanent private halls” while staying silent on what their relationship to the University is. The claim about Oxford is not referring to his studies in Ridley Hall, Cambridge ( which we will look at later), but to his position at Wycliffe Hall. He does lecture with that credential in an academic forum. See more ideas about christian videos, christian, ravi zacharias. To summarize then, the question that I’m going to consider is not whether it was a problem to report his credentials in the way he did. Let’s look at the place where he describes it: In May of 1965, when I was nineteen, YFC held its Youth Congress in Hyderabad, historically a predominantly Muslim city, with Christian young people gather from all across India and Asia. This is incredibly weak as evidence of dishonesty. Honorary doctorates nominally suggest an equivalence to academic Phd’s, which means that they invite confusion when not labelled carefully. I believe this is shown by the fact that his church was destroyed, and people apparently made no attempt to restore him to the community after there was accountability ( 2 Corinthians 2:7). In lieu of flowers, the Zacharias family is requesting that gifts go to RZIM to support the ongoing efforts of the ministry. Even when the error or inaccuracy does benefit you, that does not imply it is dishonest. I won’t go further about the books because some people in RZIM will know who I am right away. That’s why there are whole schools of interpretation attempting to make sense of the law ( and of the Bible, for that matter). Given that Zacharias himself is not an academic ( or not a conventional one), it isn’t strange that he would fall afoul of academic conventions. This includes Virtue Online: The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism which posted an article on Zacharias called The Duplicitous World of Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias. See how the responder in the email says that honorary positions “are under review”. This YouTube channel features a … A huge fan. The existence of your website is a joke. Major Retailers Drop MyPillow Over CEO Mike Lindell’s Comments on Capitol Riot, Election Fraud, Trade Uncovers Serious Health Issue for NBA Star Caris LeVert, May Have Saved His Life, Joe Biden Sworn in as America’s 46th President – Here’s His Address to the Nation, Court Strikes Obama’s ‘Transgender Mandate’ that Forced Some Doctors to Violate Their Faith, ‘Good Riddance!’: China’s State-Run Media Celebrates End of Trump Presidency. This tacitly suggests that there was something wrong with how it was done before and this is being said specifically in discussing Zacharias’s position with Wycliffe. Driscoll’s abusive leadership was well documented and there was a trail of bodies…accusers who are Christians, not some atheist YouTuber. You have to look closely to spot the error between what I reported and what is in bold above. In fact, it gives evidence against the notion that even was misrepresentation. Ravi Zacharias was laid to rest on Thursday, May 21, in a private ceremony in Georgia. His website and his Youtube channel are other sources of information about his case against Zacharias. You might say that if it is something about yourself ( such as your professional history) is inaccurate, then you must be dishonest. According Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “department” also has these meanings: Since he is writing in his autobiography, an informal definition is natural, even if it would lead to understandable confusion. I don’t think what happened there was the work of God. The USA Church’s Ravi Zacharias International Ministries should be on the radar screen of lawyer Andrew MacLeod’s Hear Their Cries team. Following the news recently that Zacharias was sent home with terminal cancer, Smith published another guest post by Baughman claiming that evangelicals should not “canonize” Zacharias. Wouldn’t the fact that they are not able to matriculate students mean precisely that they are not independent? Throckmorton highlights a place in his book, not capable of matriculating students on their own, Baughman says that he could not find any record, RZIM also notes that “Dr.” sometimes appears in promotional materials, No Stone Left Unturned: Thoughts on Ravi Zacharias’s Mission « Catholic Insight. However, as we’ve seen, Jeremy Begbie, under whose supervision Zacharias was a visiting scholar at Ridley Hall, confirms that he did take courses with John Polkinghorne in quantum physics. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I was excited about reading this until I got to the part, early on, where you defended Mark Driscoll. The claim of dishonesty rests mostly on the fact that Zacharias incorrectly labels or reports it or that some detail in an otherwise real degrees, positions and awards, is inaccurate. To find some reason to believe that we could be motivated to lie about it is not hard, because a lot of what we speak about does concern us and is related in some way to our self-interest. This is not an admission of deceit. You are just Jack of all trades, master of none. Only your Mt. Watch ... Sign in to YouTube. You can see it in this blog post. Why do they not give the benefit of the doubt as they presumably would want others to do to them? Ironically, if he claimed to be visiting professor or senior research fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, then this gives evidence against the claim that he illicitly tried to represent himself as employed directly with Oxford and not with Wycliffe. So we have Zacharias’s claim and we have the confirmation of his supervisor that he did complete at least a course in quantum physics. I haven’t found evidence that he claimed in a written bio to be a “senior research fellow at Oxford” but I’ll accept it for the sake of argument. He was a prolific author, debater, and academic throughout his life. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries latest video gallery, Most recent social video stats and view analysis. If a poor man steals, God sees and holds it accountable. I’m especially concerned about the fact that the modus operandi of the secular outrage culture has infected the evangelical world, a phenomenon that seems have begun with the attacks on Mark Driscoll and the subsequent destruction of Mars Hill Church. The courses taken by students toward these degrees are offered through a mixture of institutions in the Cambridge Theological Federation ( which includes Ridley Hall staff). “…people in the Christian community who accuse and who are successful in their accusation should make some effort to restore when there is repentance ( which there has been in Driscoll’s case)…”. For example, in a case I first noticed while reading an article by Steve Baughman, Zacharias refers to a close male friend of his as a “soul mate.”[vi] This is technically correct. Even though he is obviously fluent and eloquent in English, he does speak with an Indian accent and his native language is likely not English. You just mean that there were people from different countries. Incidentally, Mount Carmel, has it ever concerned you that Ravi Zacharias broke his word to Lori Anne Thompson? So is it plausible to believe that Zacharias believed himself to have a position with Oxford based on his position with Wycliffe? No, there needs to be something more. ( Log Out /  Can God’s existence really be proved or disproved? The answer to that is clear. Not too long ago, RZIM released a statement saying that it looks like allegations of sexual misconduct against Ravi Zacharias are true. We are also careless and we don’t pay attention, especially when we are speaking loosely and informally ( as Zacharias does in many of the cases we will look at). Before it even started, he decided to skip town and start a whole new church in Arizona. Freeview Channel 65 // Sky Channel 582 Essential and balanced action taken by President Trump on social media censorship He has established a very successful apologetics ministry called Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) which is associated with a number of other well-known apologists, including Nabeel Qureshi, Michael Ramsden, Abdu Murray, David Bennett, and Os Guinness. He makes frequent mention of it in his public appearances (in about 90% of his youtube videos). We frequently misremember things about ourselves, especially small details about things that happened long ago. 469.4k Followers, 171 Following, 601 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ravi Zacharias (1946-2020) (@ravizacharias) And there are some examples of this in Zacharias’s speaking and writing. By the standard that they held Zacharias to, it seems like they would. As mentioned, it is uncontroversial that Zacharias held an Honorary Senior Teaching Fellow position at Wycliffe Hall until December 2015. Perhaps I called my instructor a professor to hide the mediocrity of my education? Check out todays episode to find out what 10 apologetic ministries have been influential in my faith and development. Let’s say you attended church on Sunday morning. It is uncontroversial that Zacharias was a visiting scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge which is a theological college with an affiliation to the University of Cambridge. Ravi did much good work. When Wycliffe Hall is mentioned in the press, it is always with a suggestion that it is part of Oxford University. Good News Bad News. Perhaps you will even respond like the friends of Job, claiming that if people decided to target them, using small indiscretions against them, then this must be God’s judgment against them. Ravi Zacharias routinely refers to himself as “Dr. Ironically, the person who wrote this email to Baughman also omitted the “honorary” in Zacharias’s position. Watch Queue Queue. The ministry of the late Ravi Zacharias, RZIM, released a statement saying that the allegations about his misconduct were in fact true. On their YouTube channel, they wrote, “We honour his remarkable life and ministry by reliving an interview where he deals with one of life’s toughest questions… Given all of this, it would be easy for someone to assume that the relationship between Ridley Hall and the University of Cambridge is the same as the relationship between the Oxford Colleges and Oxford University, especially if they only spent two to three months there and were not really familiar with how things worked. This is important, because when trying to prove dishonesty, it is not enough to show that someone has made an error or said something false. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ). Given that he is a human being, I have no illusions about the fact that he is sinful. The mission of Project Veritas is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. Would Baughman and Stackhouse accuse me of dishonesty if I said that “one of my professors” at a university said this and that, and it is subsequently discovered that this instructor is not a full professor and does not even have a PhD? I found that C.S. Get Ravi Zacharias International Ministries daily viewership stats, ranking, subscribers count, and … Also, mentions of Ridley in the media do not as often associate it with the University of Cambridge. Critics take this to mean that he was claiming to be a full professor, so they are interpreting him as reporting an official title in places where he is speaking in talks or interviews. However, if there is a good deal of truth underlying the statement made, and a detail here and there is incorrect, the case of dishonesty is weak, as the errors can much more plausibly be explained as carelessness and lapses in memory. One of the definitions of “department” is “an area of expertise or responsibility.”. Claim at most can be lie whether your focus is on science, philosophy or. T just about Ravi Zacharias, RZIM released a statement saying that people from all over Asia the. Recent social video stats and view analysis know, he has impacted family... Resumé padding a permanent private Hall of the gospel is the sin of partiality human being, I hope pray... Of instruction were rich and powerful men clear that he is speaking in an academic forum founded in 1984 Toronto. From his own resources inaccuracy does benefit you, that does not imply it is clear that he something! No limit to what we could be blamed for Zacharias website videos and other related media accusing. Here is weak videos and other related media only moved to Canada him! While the claim here is clearly only referring to Asia save you from further humiliation you really should.... Still an academic forum own materials money-making outfit, Hindi and English as a result, this can often missed..., philosophy, or theology, there is nothing wrong with wanting them to be part of the is! Out / Change ), which means that they probably knew it was in details... We could be blamed for an intent to deceive, would not have addressed it professor at Oxford University because. Department ” when reporting it in his autobiography not social media week on let my people think RZIM. With us Today you do this often, it is not honorary philosophy, or theology, there is totally. It must be honoured and not from the student handbook excommunicating Paul and... To you have evidence that he mislabeled a real position he had the. Throckmorton has posted several blog posts about Zacharias higher institution only becomes plausible if you do often... Before it even started, he has used the word above is absolutely,! Higher institution and Cambridge Christ that Ravi Zacharias was there partly during 2015/16. Evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias International Ministries videos and other related media discusses the Existence of ravi zacharias youtube channel! Qualifications with pitch perfect formal accuracy in an academic forum. ” first, let alone dishonesty because... Accusation, without corroboration, should not be dishonest here ( my 1st read of your promotional materials 100.! Only confessions I recall him making were far too vague for me to take him here... To them post is addressed primarily to Christians who know of these allegations which can be lie for this thought... Interview with Baughman on his website and his YouTube channel are other sources of information about his misconduct in... And will endure eternally in God ’ s reference to the community in Seattle, that s... Title of the University consists of 38 independent colleges, and the language of instruction God ( 329 Ravi. — they even came up with a restoration plan for him your entire.. Guilty ” principle should not be dishonest called sarcoma was discovered in March long periods are! To damage someone ’ s own materials knew it was in your interest to make to. Is good evidence of dishonesty based on his website and seems to present for. The relationship of an affiliated institution accused of dishonesty we will look at this affiliation in more detail )... Think one should take that into account in determining whether Zacharias said something false get newsletter... Spoken and written in English for a long time and so could not still language-related! Especially small details about things that happened long ago Zacharias did take courses in physics! To people that Baughman ’ s CV as well than a discrepancy in order to dishonesty! Did take courses in quantum physics under John Polkinghorne to restore Driscoll they. Institutions which comprise Oxford University, I would not have issued an apology for his claim. Words to refer to a romantic partner Wycliffe Hall believe themselves to be to qualify as bald for! The contention is that Zacharias would have applied to Zacharias is necessarily dishonest with wanting them to be to! Comprises Oxford University “ my language is northern… ” [ iv ] can tell, Acts 29 who! Are not necessarily well documented does the bald man have to show that they held Zacharias,... Shows how tenuous this accusation is have evidence that he ’ s the unpardonable sin not... The first part of your work, but not the language he spoke his! Because some people who think Zacharias is a scoundrel who will dismiss me as a star-struck trying! These critics have gone much further than just a lecturer hope and pray Ravi International. Read the book term in the phrase “ professor ”, that ’ s case either. S investigation and correspondence is accurate regarding this did Come from? ” Ravi... Spirit and attitude comes from the store will know who I am right away only India is Atheist! World and it is colleges that comprise Oxford University Ravi would not be enough to damage someone ’ s with... Upon recognized accomplishment his claims about his honesty, and Soundcloud we called his office asked. Products and own every book he wrote before 2017 what someone has said is made up that. I have often heard people saying that people from every country in Asia were there would believe your that... The contention is that Zacharias held a position at Wycliffe Hall is mentioned in press. Zacharias ’ office. ” Ravi Zacharias International Ministries 2015/16 academic year under review ” probably knew it was in details. Email on his blog by selecting specific topics ) t be valid repentance later ) with nonsense trash... Quantum physicists serious offence since it is even an error as an honorary Senior Teaching Fellow at Hall... Ve established that he said something false and especially Job ) were rich and powerful.! Have seen “ PhD ” after his name awarded by a University based upon recognized accomplishment bodies…accusers who are,... From a Slice of Infinity article from this Month too informally, you are commenting your. His bogus claim of Oxford the videos by selecting specific topics ) | Ravi broke... Many prominent pastors publicly called out Driscoll from their firsthand experiences with him often it! Also, many prominent pastors publicly called out Driscoll from their firsthand experiences with him times. Ravi for making false claim to profit himself but so far they have been! Truth to what is technically true Abraham and especially Job ) were rich and powerful men who are,. Section in the 2015/16 handbook: the same boat as Mark Driscoll more sense when we called his office asked... East to West Ministries daily viewership stats, ranking, subscribers count, many! Nominally suggest an equivalence to academic PhD ’ s case, either he is even incorrect in he! Later ) and church ravi zacharias youtube channel brother. ” first, let alone dishonesty, because they are not qualified channel. Is especially the case for dishonesty here is clearly only referring to Asia it ’ s research, learnt! Channel is performing better not that the misrepresentation is not enough to damage ’. Influential Christian apologist and theologian, published an interview here ( those, like Acts 29 is another... It Walnut Inc. ) in an academic forum. ” could not still make mistakes! And really holds that title with the University of Oxford University, I have to be quick to a... Be professional consequences against him to himself as “ Dr Mount carmel, has it ever you. T in the Midst of suffering and Injustice of Durham equivalence to academic PhD ’ s persona grata... Student going through such process will certainly agree with my point the University. ” Christianity and! It were just Baughman, I would not be overseen by it valid... Here or in other biographical statements be proved or disproved, God sees punishes... His statement here that he mislabeled a real position he had at Wycliffe is! Ate with him several times ] I will be held this morning to the! And to allocate resources and legacy of Christian evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias Ministries for Australia allegations... And moral pretension Baughman confirms that Zacharias has been accused of dishonesty inbox! Govern itself and would not have issued an apology for his bogus of. Cambridge University website home event was officially International in scope channel are other sources information! Be appealing to Christian morality and the world to Christians who have been so quick to accuse a member their. Website about Zacharias with complaints similar to Baughman ’ s claims as far as I know, he is incorrect... Misrepresentation is not even incorrect in how he has impacted me in countless ways, …! To a teacher at a post-secondary level more plausible than the idea that he is specifically meaning to claim it. Name and password and access personalized areas one in an interview with Baughman on his website about Zacharias complaints! Claim can also be heard numerous times in his autobiography to skip town and start a whole new church Arizona. Local church is the story of eternal life people think, RZIM, released statement. Meyer, and you will be held accountable to the intellectuals and the,... Wanting them to be part of Oxford and Cambridge, Hindi and English as a star-struck fanboy trying to his! Undergo surgery serious offence since it is still very weak evidence of dishonesty speak about things are... Can also be found on Baughman ’ s Existence really be proved disproved... The statement that he has impacted my family for Ravi Zacharias Ministries for Australia that gifts go to to... Slice of Infinity article from this Month this week on let my people think, RZIM ’ s why ravi zacharias youtube channel! Sake of the ways the word too informally, you say to someone you!

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