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Hi I’m Lori!


I am so happy that you stumbled upon my page and are excited to let me help you learn more about organization! I have so much to share with you! I love living a simple, organized life and I think you will too. I like to be very productive in my work life but I also LOVE to have down time to rest and play with my family and friends.  How do I get the best of both worlds?  By being organized. It’s not too complicated, but it takes some work and I am here to help you along the way. Let’s get started…but first here’s a bit more about me and my family.

How it all began.

I started my blog because my husband had been at me for years to start one. I never really knew much about blogs nor did I think I had anything to share so I shrugged him off constantly. But he kept at me. One night we took a long walk and he asked about my passion and what I was good at. People are always telling me how organized and clean I am. They are right but also…..it can at times be in an OCD kind of way. I am a very clean and clutter free person, not quite to a minimalist standard, but close. I love everything in my life to be simple and organized….(and in it’s specific place). I love to re-organize a seemingly perfect space because it’s SO MUCH FUN for me! So that’s were “Organize with Lori” began.

A blog is a what?

Before I started blogging, I though writing a blog was what you did after a long day at work you plopped down on your couch and jotted a few sentences into your phone and WHAMO! You had a blog post. 

Nothing to it, right? I was soooo wrong! A blog is much more complex, and I had a lot to learn. Bart always made it sound easy (he did that just to entice me to start writing). “It’s so simple”, he’d say. “You just write and I’ll do the rest”. 

Ummmm……he was 100% lying.  Blog writing is not so simple I soon learned. It is very complex and there so much more to it than I had ever expected. Writing is only about 10% of the process. It requires a lot of research and know how in website research.  Words like SEO, H2, all became part of my vocabulary. I quickly learned how much I loved it and caught the “blog bug” and have been posting ever since. Mostly, I love helping all of you!

My sister in law often asks me for help organizing. She has four young children and feels overwhelmed with the stuff they have accumulated. She has shown me that I have a gift and maybe this is something I should share with everyone!

My blog is about so much more than just organizing your sock drawers. You will find help organizing every part of your life from closets to fitness to your love life to home decorating to moving to health and even fashion!


We live in Minnesota in a suburb of St. Paul and we have three beautiful daughters.  Two are grown and have moved out and we have Sophia at home with us. I come from a big family and have five brothers and sisters.  Growing up I was always the clean and organized kid (I got that from my mom). I have been making lists and organizing my bedroom for as long as I can remember.

Bart and I are in the process of building a new home. It is our dream home and I have been designing it for over 10 years. I designed every part of the layout with very specific needs in mind. Most homes, even glamorous ones these days have a very similar layout. I wanted something unique, and it took some convincing to get our builder on board. Let’s just say I like “levels” in a home because they create interest.

I can’t wait to organize and design every room in our new home and take you on my journey. We are going to have fun! 

Our day job.

After college, I started working at gymnastics club coaching and was the director of the gym. A couple years later that is where Bart and I met. He worked in IT and coached in the evening with me. Eventually Bart and I purchased the gym in 2003. I was able to put my organizational skills to use running the gym. We opened the gym by taking bank loans and it was scary and there is a lot of risk involved. I am a very “safe” person, but Bart is very smart when it comes to business so I have followed his lead successfully, thank goodness! A few years later, we bought the building that our gym is in….yet another risk and sooooo scary for me! But I am so glad we did it! We love running our business and all we have so many wonderful people on staff. We love the kids we coach. I love what I do and love coaching and have been able to apply my organizational skills to our business in so many ways. My passion for organizing my business has given me the know-how to help you be organized too!

My first passion.

My first passion in life is gymnastics. I competed competitively since I was a young girl and all the way through college. As a gymnast, you train 20+ hours each week. So in order to also do well in school and have a social life, you have to be organized and manage time wisely. For gymnastics meets your hair must be perfect, and gymnastics is a very symmetrical sport. If one thing is off, you will fall! Perfection is a must, and that is where my love for organization began.

I attended the University of Minnesota and earned a full scholarship for gymnastics. I started as a walk on, but persisted and earned a scholarship. I earned a degree in Communications, with plans of moving onto law school. Ha! Needless to say that never happened, but lawyers do a lot of research (and so do Blog writers!) so I am glad I am able to use that passion in my blogs as well. 


One thing I hate is making decisions. What drives me to be organized is that is lessens the amount of decisions I have to make. We have hundreds of decisions to make starting the second we wake up each day. For example (and this is a BIG one), how much time do you spend staring into the black hole that used to be your closet? Making the not-so-simple simple decision of what to wear each morning takes more time than making breakfast!  By being organized and having less clutter in your life you will make those difficult (and seemingly easy) decisions a thing of the past.

Simple living.

I’ve got a true passion for being organized and I just love living a simple life. We started with the website and called it “Organize with Lori”. But my mantra for everyday is to live a Simple. Organized. Life. I added it as a big part of my logo because I truly wanted to convey what my blog and website are all about. Organization isn’t just about having a clutter free house, but it’s about your entire life and trying to achieve a simple way of living.  It so makes me happy in every way! 

I am a jeans and t-shirt person. I love the simplicity of it. I start every day with jeans and a white or grey shirt. From there I accessorize with shoes, jewelry and a sweater or jacket. I start with the basics because it makes it simple for me. You won’t find a lot of flowery or patterned clothing in my closet. I have a very simple palate for clothing. 

I am so happy that you came across my blog and website.  I hope you find my advice helpful. 

Keep it simple. XOXO


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