Top 9 Benefits of Being Organized

Top 9 Benefits of Being Organized

Every day I watch people around me that are so unorganized. Those same people are the ones who complain about how busy they are and how much work they have to do.  “You have no idea how busy I am”… often do we hear that?  We are all busy doing something every day.  I could be busy watching movies all day and tell people how busy I am. The benefits of being organized will help you lower your stress level and your “busy” life will turn in to an organized life.  You will be healthier, happier and more successful. 

Top 9 Benefits of Being Organized

1. You will be happier.

Organizing everything around you brings peace of mind.  You won’t stress out trying to find where you left your car keys or wallet.  Knowing what to do and when to do it lets you live your day with no guess work.  In addition you will glide through each day smoothly because you will know what to expect.

2. You will have less stress.

We cause stress but we can control it with organization. Therefore, you can control when you wake up each day, how you organize your morning and spend each day.  You can reduce stress by organizing paperwork and material items.  Having less “stuff” around you will make you feel less stressed.  If you feel you are in a rut, take some time to organize your surroundings and you will feel the stress melt away. 

3. You will be more focused.

Having too many “things” just gets in the way of being able to focus on the task at hand.  If you need to make dinner and there are books and piles of mail and knock knacks all over the counter, you are going to have difficulty finding space to cook.  Once you have a clear space to work with, you can focus on what you want to accomplish. 

4. You will have more energy.

If you de-clutter your space and life, you will find your energy levels will rise. Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and actually eat up so much of your energy each day.  If your closet is overflowing with active wear, it takes time and energy to decide what to wear for your workout.  This leaves you with less energy to actually work out! 

5. You will be more productive.

You will actually get more accomplished each day by being organized.  Spending ten minutes each morning will free up so much additional time every day to do things you love.  Each morning write out a list of what you need to do that day.  That simple task will allow you to get the list done far sooner than it would have without the list. 

6. You will sleep better.

Who doesn’t want better sleep?  A morning and nightly organized routine will allow you to slip into slumber much quicker than if you stumble into bed because that clock says eleven.  Making your bed every morning is key to sleeping better each night.  Wash your sheets!  Fresh smelling sheets also help us sleep better.  Finding time to organize your laundry habits will assist your sleep habits.  Being organized all day long will allow you to lay in bed each night without a thousand things running through your head.  You will fall asleep and stay asleep without the clutter in your brain.

7. You will lose weight.

A lot of our extra weight we gain comes from “mindless” eating.  This happens when we don’t organize our eating habits, grocery lists and meal planning.  Taking a small amount of time each week to organize your meal planning will shave off those extra pounds.  In addition, a lot of the stress eating happens because we are so overwhelmed with everything else we are stressed about in our lives.  Being organized reduces all this stress and anxiety which reduces our “mindless’ eating habits.

8. You will have more money.

Have you ever lost money from paying a bill too late and paying all that nasty interest? Organizing your financial life will have you finding extra money every month.  Being organized will give you more time to research for better deals for purchases you make.  You will be able to find coupons or deals to save money.  Time equals money friends!

9. You will have a better relationships.

Who feels like they never have time to spend with family or friends?  Your work commitments and keeping your kids and family going takes up so much time and energy that you just don’t have time for a social life?  By organizing your daily activities, shopping, work and spending, you will find time slowly starts opening up and you have an abundance of time to spend with those you love. 

What it all comes down to:

The “stuff” in your life causes you stress and stress takes a lot of time to manage.  By eliminating your stress levels through organization, you will find your life slowly becomes yours again!  Energy and focus are immediate benefits of being organized allowing you to get much more accomplished every hour of the day. You’ll sleep more soundly each night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. You will find you have less extra weight and more money to devote vacations, a new car or saving for retirement!  Your relationship with your spouse, family, children and friends will flourish because you have more time on your hands.  You will be happier because your life will be yours again to do the things you love! Start getting organized and enjoy the many benefits of being organized.

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