Different Styles of Organizing ~ How to Organize Me

Different Styles of Organizing ~ How to Organize Me

Without a doubt, everyone has their own style or organizing. There are many organized people in the world, and everyone has their way.  My style is simple. Besides being practical I think is best for a calm and peaceful frame of mind when you go about your day. People every day contact me and say “Please, organize me!”

My mantra:

My Mantra: simple + organized + life

How do I do it?  I am going to teach you and I think it will help tremendously.  But first, here is the story of how I DON’T do it and I think it is a very important point to make.  To understand my thought process, and the thought process I want you to adopt throughout this journey you have to first understand where I am coming from and what NOT to do.  

I think if one is completely organized and clutter-free it is not necessary to label everything you own. I believe that labeling everything looks “cluttered” in itself, and causes more headaches and takes a lot of time.

My goal is to simplify your life. De-clutter and organize your “stuff”. Give you peace of mind. And like you say, “organize me”. In doing so, you will not have to label everything because it will not be necessary. You will be that organized.

What not to do: labeling

The one single annoying infuriating outrageous thing that makes me completely crazy are LABELS! Labels to me are the opposite of having a home that’s de-cluttered.  Furthermore labels can look un-orderly because they go out of style and peel off.

You may feel more organized and that your life has less clutter if you dismiss the idea of labeling everything in your life. If I walk into a pantry that has every item labeled I feel overwhelmed. I feel like I am forced to keep everything in it’s exact place when there are labels. I get this is part of the point, but if I ever decide to re-organizing even one canister, it becomes a huge task to re-label everything. If I decide I don’t want a bin to be for snacks, I have to re-label it.

 If you must label every item can you really call that organization?  Or is memory loss and a better word for it? Perhaps laziness?

Labeling is stressful and adds clutter to your life. Conversely labeling drains time in your not save time. Labels can tear, peel and go out of style. Ok…so I think you get how much I despise labeling. Humans are very smart.  We have excellent memories and don’t need a label to show us if what we are looking at is a cracker box or a can of tomato soup.  Do we?

I think making the labels dumbs us down actually.  It makes us more forgetful because we don’t have to remember anything anymore when all we have to do is read 1-2 syllable words. Some may argue that it looks so pretty (puke).  I believe pretty comes from the organization and a minimalized standard of living.

Labeling makes us less organized

Here’s the deal…..if I have so much stuff overflowing my life that I need to label what everything is, am I truly that organized?   I think labels tend to make us have MORE stuff which requires MORE organization.  Having to put a list on the inside lid of a bins to tell me what the content is, could I not at that point just look in the bin and see what the heck is in there?   Instead, let’s make the holiday bins have red lids.  That works right?  Red lids holiday…..blue lids camping, etc.  Even taking these lengths I think are a bit overkill, but I’ll compromise in some areas I guess.  

We are turning a simple process, the simplicity of simply being organized into a reading lesson.  I don’t l want to have to read a label every time I look in my drawer.  “Ohhhhhh…….those are socks????  I am so glad I have that label there are I would have mistaken them for my underwear!”

When I look in my pantry, I know 100% which canister hosts my flour.  And I am really good at knowing what flour looks like.  I know it looks very different than sugar. I know it looks different than powdered sugar.   And I know that dark brown sugar looks different than light brown sugar.   I don’t need a label to tell me so.

The spices we buy at stores….guess what?  They are already labeled!  Someone did it for us!  I don’t need to take timeout of my life to peel off all the labels from the store containers, get out my goo gone, scrub the sticky part off, and then get my label maker and spend hours making all new color coded labels so I know the difference between turmeric and chili powder.  Guess how long that process would take?  I’ve done the math.  It would take your about 6-7 hours just to re-label your spices.

Simplify my life and please organize me

The main goal of decluttering and organizing is to simplify your life correct? And simplifying your life reduces stress and allows you more time to enjoy your life and the “things” you have in it.  


To me, this is beautiful yet very organized. It looks much more “clutter-free” because it is void of all labels.

Organize me because time is important to all of us

Let’s discuss time.  My goal is to help you find more time in your hectic life.  I crave time to spend with my family and friends, and time to relax and feel like everything is under control in my life.  These things are important to everyone. Through my methods, you will understand the best way to de-clutter and start living in an organized and simple way. In the future you might say “I never thought Lori could organize me, but she did.”


Your life be simpler and prettier, I promise.  Clutter will disappear and I will help you do it as inexpensive as possible.

You will never have to say “organize me” again!

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