Help! I Think I Have Too Many Clothes

Help! I Think I Have Too Many Clothes

If you think you have too many clothes, then you probably do. 

Most women and men wonder how many clothes they should have and it’s a hard thing to deal with and get under control. But who wants to really have less clothes? The answer is probably none of us. But if you think “I have too many clothes” then you must want to get it under control and have less clothes. 

What you really want is bigger closet right? Well, that isn’t an option in most cases, so you have to downsize and find a way to a simpler closet and less clothes. But keep dreaming of a bigger closet…there is no harm in that right?

5 Signs you have too many clothes

1.) Your closet is overflowing and messy

If this is the case, you have managed to overbuy and overspent and not focused on organizing as you go. You need to take control of your wardrobe and downsize. You can’t find anything in your closet or drawers

Well no wonder in all that mess! If you have too many clothes, shoes, belts and jackets then they will eventually become hidden and you won’t find a thing! Less clothes = easy to find. Remember that while you downsize.

2.) The feeling of stress getting dressed is overwhelming each day

You most likely feel overwhelmed by the process of sifting through all the choices in your closet every morning. Clearly too many decisions are clogging your ability to make a choice. While having less clothes will make you less stressed, it will also save you a lot of time. 

3.) You feel like you have nothing to wear

The more clothes you have, the less clothes you will think you have. Keep telling yourself “I have too many clothes”. This will inspire you to do something about it and start downsizing your closet. When you have less clothes to wear, you will actually feel like you have much more because you will love everything you have. 

4.) You hate how you look in everything you own

Undoubtedly you have clothes from a decade ago hiding in there under everything you have bought just this year. Most likely those items don’t fit you anymore because your body has certainly changes in ways over the years. Whether you are smaller or larger, the clothes that don’t fit have no place in your wardrobe. In addition, don’t ever hang onto clothes that you “might fit into” someday. 

5.) It takes more than a minute to choose an outfit each day

You probably spend on average 8-10 minutes choosing your entire outfit each day from head to toe. Think of all the valuable things you could have done with that time. Sleeping more, playing with your kids, or taking a long relaxing bath to mention a few. After a week that’s more than an hour you have wasted choosing your outfit. 2 minutes should be the maximum time you allot to this decision. 

Ways to simplify your wardrobe

Ask yourself some questions to simplify your wardrobe

By asking these questions it will help you decide if you should keep it or toss it. When I say “toss it” I mean donate it sell it or find it a new home ~ but not in yours! 

Has it been worn it in within the last season or even year? 

Is it in good condition or is it worn out and faded?

Does it even fit?

Do I LOVE it?


How many clothes should I have?

This is the big questions right? But the answer is very different for everyone based on your lifestyle. Where you work and play will have an effect on how many different “types” of clothes you need. Let’s say you work at a desk and have a night job as a cook and like to hike on weekends. Each of those activities requires much different clothing and requires you to change several times a day. Alternatively, someone who only goes to work and comes straight home and puts their pj’s on might need less clothes. 

At this time you will need to evaluate how to make your clothes work in different ways if you truly want to have less clothes. 

As a rule, you should have enough clothes to get you through one full week of outfits for certain. In addition, you need clothing for your hobbies and special occasions.

How to Minimize Your Wardrobe to have less clothes

In order to have less clothes, you need to decide how to make your clothes overlap from work to play to special occasion. Can you wear the same shirt from work to dinner to an activity? If you can create a way to make your clothing have dual purposes it will definitely help simplify your wardrobe.

Make Piles for each section of your wardrobe

To begin you need to empty out your closet, and sort your clothing. You can sort by season, or color or type. Whichever way seems to make the most sense to you. An example of sorting might look like this:

Essential items: tops and bottoms

Accessories: belts, jewelry, scarves

Shoes: casual, workout and dressy

Next, ask yourself those questions we discussed earlier. 

These questions can be very tough to answer, especially when a “NO” means you have to toss it. But if you truly never want to say again “I have too many clothes”, then follow the advice and you won’t be sorry! If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, then it is time to toss it. You must be firm with yourself and allow yourself the ability to let go. Try not to justify why you should keep something. I would ask the questions in the order below.

Has it been worn it in within the last season or even year? 

As a general rule, if you have not worn something within the last three months (or within a particular “season” ~ winter, spring, summer or fall), it is time to toss it. It doesn’t matter when you purchased it, even if it’s practically new. You likely didn’t wear an item that season because it didn’t make you feel good. It isn’t likely you will feel good it next season either. 

In addition any items that are not wearable in the current season should be put into storage at this time as well. There is no reason to have a full year of clothing in your closet at all times. This only makes the decision making process more difficult each day. 

Is it in good condition or is it worn out and faded?

Items that have slight imperfections can be repaired. If it’s your favorite pair of jeans but the hem is coming undone, then maybe it’s worth it to have it fixed. Certainly fixing them would less expensive than buying a new pair. However, if an item is torn or faded and you feel like a slouch when you wear it, then by all means toss it without question. 

Does it even fit?

Often times we lose weight or gain weight and that can make your decision making very difficult. It is not recommended to keep any clothing in your closet that does not fit. This will leave you defeated and frustrated every day. You may think. “I’d love to wear those pants if only my waistline didn’t spill over the top (or if they didn’t fall off my hips)”. That is a horrible way to start the day feeling bad about oneself. Don’t allow that to happen and here’s how: any item that doesn’t fit goes either into storage or toss it. 

Often by the time you lose/gain the weight, you are going to want to treat yourself with some new clothing. In this case you should probably toss anything that really does not fit. On the other hand, there may be some favorite clothes that you are dying to wear again and they motivate you to lose or gain the weight! Good for you, whatever it takes! 

Still, any clothes that do not fit should go into storage. Keeping them in the closet only makes daily decisions more difficult and frustrating. So pack them up and wait a few months to try them on again and re-introduce them into your wardrobe. 

Do I LOVE it?

If the answer is a definite “yes” then keep it. If you have to think about it for even a second, then you most likely do not love the item. 

As a rule you must fill your closet with things you absolutely LOVE that fit you and are in good condition. When you do so, every day outfit decision-making will be a breeze because you will love every choice available. 

Let the organization process begin with less clothes

Now that you have de-cluttered your closet and either thrown or stored items you can begin to organize what is left. The question “do I have too many clothes” should be answered by now because you should have the perfect amount. If you did it correctly, you should now have just what you need and no more. 

Now comes the fun part of organizing it all! You are going to design and create a beautiful closet that makes you feel happy and excited every day!

There are so many different ways you could go about organizing. The best idea is to sort by color and type of clothing. 

Start with bottoms.

Depending on the season, this might either be jeans, trousers, longer skirts and leggings or shorts and skirts. It also depends ion your career and lifestyle. Either way, everyone has to wear something on the bottom so start there. 

Hang items how you wish (over a hanger or with trouser hangers). Next coordinate by style and color. You can even take it one step further by sorting low hanging items and short hanging. 

Next up is tops.

This includes tank tops, camisoles, t-shirts, dress shirts, polo, sweaters and anything you would wear on your top half. Again, sort tops by style and color. Pair your dressier work clothing together by color and then your casual clothing by color. 

An idea to take it one step further is to sort by sleeve length. Yes, seriously. There is nothing more beautiful than a closet sorted by color, style and  and length! 

Shoes, wonderful shoes!!!

Of course this includes anything you would wear on your feet. Slippers to boots….you get it? 

You have already sorted by season, so you should probably not have winter boots and flip-flops in your pile to organize. If you do, go back a few steps. 

Sort your shoes by height and color and use. All the tennis shoes or active shoes (hiking, etc) go in one area. Work shoes in another and casual in another. 

It is not recommended to save those boxes. If you truly want to return a pair of shoes, the receipt will suffice. The retailer does not require the box back. You want the process of getting ready to be simple. If you have to open boxes and sort through that mess every day frustrations will ensue. 

You want everything to be visual. 

Accessories are your friend

You closet should seem quite clean and simple at this point. The last thing to do is organize accessories wonderful accessories! They are the frosting of your outfit. They put it all together and make it wonderful. 

Your belts, scarves, hats and jewelry need a very specific place to live in the closet. Hooks, pretty boxes, and shelves will do. You can spend hardly anything or go all out on this. Whatever you budget allows. Make sure you keep each item in a specific area and organized neatly. 

Finally, you have the perfect amount of clothes! 

Now that the process is complete, you should almost feel as though you have a brand new wardrobe! 

First you cut the clutter and tossed items that were only making your decisions more difficult. Second you placed a lot of things in storage to be pulled out the following season. Lastly, you organized and created a beautiful simple space. Continue to follow this process and you will find happiness and simplicity in your wardrobe every day!

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