Using A Custom Drawer Organizer

Using A Custom Drawer Organizer

So many drawer organizers

Undoubtably one the most important aspects of your kitchen organization is your junk drawer.  Everyone has one and it’s usually a pretty scary sight. YIKES!  I remember growing up and my mom’s was a disaster, although she is generally a very clean person.  I remember just feeling anxious and wanting to dump it out and make it pretty. Nevertheless, if we had a great custom drawer organizer back then. We are lucky because there are so many great choices out there today.

Growing up, I was always the clean and organized one in my family. My closet was impeccable and all my drawers were organized just right. I made my own “drawer organizers” from old cereal boxes. I would cut them up and size them correctly to fit in my drawer. There I would separate my socks, days of the week underwear and training bras.

In addition my outfits for the week were hung with care in the closet for each day of the week so I didn’t have to take time deciding in the morning. Alternatively, my sister on the other hand was my polar apposite. For example, she would try 4-5 outfits on a day at the last minute and throw them about the room when they didn’t look right. Her room was a mess. I think she partially kept it that way because she knew I hated it and it would keep me out. She was right. 

Back to your junk drawer…..when organized properly, it can be the most useful space you have in your home. Here are some of my favorites.

Best adjustable custom drawer organizer

The Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer is my favorite because you can adjust it any way you’d like to fit your needs. It locks in place nicely but you can re-adjust as needed. It also allows you to see the bottom of your drawer so if you like your self lining you can see it through the organizer.

Best custom organizer under $25

The madesmart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bins are nice not only because they are inexpensive, but they are easily washable. They allow for small items like paper clips and rubber bands but also your larger items. You can clean them by hand if you need to just do one section at a time. Plus they easily click away from each other if you just need to clean one at a time because of a pen explosion. amazon

Best overall custom organizer

One of my favorites is the Mebbay 6 Pack Expandable Drawer Organizer because it combines the best of all worlds. It is washable and comes with non-slip pads. It has several divider pieces but each piece is all adjustable so it allows you to truly customize your area based on your organizational needs. All this and it isn’t too expensive either. amazon

Best wood custom organizer

If you are looking for something more sleek and sophisticated, this is my favorite, the Bamboo Wood Adjustable Drawer Organizer. It just looks expensive and pretty, but really isn’t prices to badly.

Best fabric style custom organizer

I like the Felt Storage organizer because it is sleek and soft and QUIET. My favorite design of felt organizers is that they are quiet. How often are we slamming drawers and knocking around spatulas and other tools in our kitchen? Since this is a drawer we use quite often I think it’s nice to know it is silent and peaceful.

What to keep in your custom drawer organizer

Here are the things you should have in your junk drawer.  Honestly, would love to have another word for it instead of “junk”, because really what goes in here isn’t junk at all.  It’s all incredibly useful items we need every single day.  But I’ve tried to think of another word and I can’t.  Because of this it will forever be our “junk” drawer.

Here is the list.  I have these items and nothing else.  Got it? NOTHING else. When you start allowing yourself to throw other things in there it will start snowballing and that’s when you will have a mess on your hands.  Here is my junk drawer (insert picture). Not junky at all hey?

What’s in my custom organizer junk drawer

  • Pens and pencils (always black and blue plus a variety of colors)
  • Black & red sharpie 
  • Stapler, tape dispenser & scissors
  • Receipt holder
  • My list pad
  • Paper clips & rubber bands
  • Three hole punch
  • Stamps and address labels
  • Tape measure (hubby always tells me he has one I can use.  But does he actually expect me to go to the garage and dig in his tool shelf to get it every time I need it?  No. Sorry. I use a tape measure so often, probably once a week at least.  

I view a junk drawer as my “mini office”.  Some of us have home offices and some don’t.  I most certainly don’t want to run up to my office every time I need a pen. Instead I host all the essentials in this tidy little space and it saves me so much time every day.  

You may think…why all the colors of pens?  Pastels, really?  Based on my dread of labels, you may have gotten the wrong idea that I am a mean and unemotional person that hates all things pretty and wonderful. Oh contraire!  You already know (or you will learn quickly) that I love my lists.  And I do love to make my lists pretty and special and sometimes fancy. 

Besides that I have scissors and tape in that drawer, which we use so often in so many ways every day, but it is also there to wrap gifts. I think I wrap at least two gifts every month or so.  This is way down from when Sophia and Sydney were little girls and would get invited to eight birthday parties a week. I was forever wrapping bath bombs! But even then, I kept it simple.  

Custom drawer organizers make gift wrapping easy

Most of us are not lucky enough to have a separate “room” for wrapping presents.  Although some websites would have you believing that pretty much everyone has rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon on sticks on their walls and a table designated just to wrap things.  Seriously I know ZERO people who have that room.  Even people with huge houses don’t have that room.

I’m not gonna lie, I love it. I love how it looks I love how beautiful it is and how pretty and organized it looks. It’s pretty amazing. Even so, I know zero people who have that room. You know what they have? They have a kitchen, that’s what they have.  And a counter. In that kitchen. And that works splendidly for wrapping gifts. My kitchen counter is where I wrap gifts.  I keep all the supplies on hand in my kitchen and pantry for gift wrapping.  

Receipt organizing in the custom drawer organizer

The junk drawer is for your mini home office supplies area and it stays nice and organized with your custom drawer organizer. In addition, we want to keep our receipts organized and this is a great area to do it. Also, we get many receipts on our phone or email these days, but I still find at the end of the week I’ve compiled at least 10 receipts from various places. I have a method to the madness for organizing receipts and I keep it all under wraps in my custom drawer organizer.

Receipts fall into 3 categories for me:

  • Throw away instantly
  • Keep for about 3 months
  • Keep for a very long time

Obviously the receipts I throw instantly when I get them, or as soon as I get home are grocery and gas receipts. There is a very slim chance that I am going to return my gas or groceries. And if you do happen to take an item back to the grocery store they aren’t going to challenge you in most cases.

Then there are the 3 month keepers: these are receipts mostly from Target. If I bought a shirt or household item that I may need to return I toss these girls into my receipt box.  Any clothes I buy go in here to. My receipt box receipt box isn’t all neat and paper clipped by date or anything crazy.  I just toss them in there and pop the lid on and forget about them….for now. About every 2-3 months I go through the receipts and organize them.  At this time, I can either toss them away because I know I will not be returning the item, or I can move them into file to “keep for a long time”. 

Last are my keep for a long time receipts, and these are quite organized. The longer you need to save something the better organized it should be. 

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